Amazon Expected to Announce a Smartphone in June

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Amazon is reportedly developing a smartphone for release in June, signaling the online retailer’s foray into a competitive and crowded market dominated by Samsung and Apple. The device is expected to be shipped to consumers from September.

3D feature

The Amazon phone will supposedly display 3D content where users are not required to wear any special glasses. The device will include retina tracking technology where four front facing cameras will be employed to get a 3D hologram simulation. Patents of such a technology were filed in 2013.

Amazon has been rumored to develop its proprietary mobile device for a number of years now, and the product appears to be almost ready for a market launch. If it happens, them Amazon has been really active of late. It has put a foot in the market for set top boxes, challenging long term leaders like Apple TV and Roku. It seems that Amazon is preparing to challenge the supremacy of smartphone giants Samsung and Apple head on. In 2001, the online retailer started its own app store, completely distinct from Google Play store which are shipped with Android software. This is expected to be the source for software for the soon to be launched smartphone. Amazon has recently announced that the store features a mind boggling 200,000 apps and is expected to increase even further.

The stiffest competition which will be faced by the Amazon phone is expected to come from Samsung, which recently launched its flagship new model Galaxy S5. Apple is also expected to pose a high risk to Amazon phone sales.



Source: The Verge

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