Fun Date Ideas in KL
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There’s a quote that goes, “Marriage is getting to have a sleepover with your best friend every night of the week,” and that’s a beautiful way to see it. A significant other is usually somebody you love spending time and collecting new experiences with. And although we strive to keep things fresh and exciting, sometimes the stress accumulated at work can translate into lazy days off and doing the same ol’ when on a date. It doesn’t have to be that way, though. Whether you’re just beginning to see someone, been dating for a few years, or happily married with a family, here’s some fun date ideas in KL for your next special day!

Take a walking tour

Image credit: Rakan KL

Rakan KL organises free walking tours around KL with different themes. Some past examples include a Photowalk in Chow Kit and a Buka Puasa and Wesak Day Photowalk. Grab a camera and your special someone and spend a few hours exploring old KL together. It’s a great opportunity to learn more about our country, and to gauge how well you’d travel together (if you haven’t already) too. Plus, it’s a free (they accept donations at the end of the walk), fun, and wholesome way to spend time together.

Visit an attraction

Image credit: The Rift

If you both prefer staying indoors and out of the heat, or the weather doesn’t permit an outdoor activity, there are plenty of indoor options to consider. Just in KL itself, take your pick from attractions like Aquaria KLCC, The Rift, and Petrosains that can be visited for a fun date. Even if you’ve lived here for some time, playing tourist for the day can be refreshing. Take photos, buy snacks, and see new things together, and collect experiences!

Have some tea

Image credit: Mohd Najib Tun Razak

Malaysia has so many different types of snacks and desserts that are great for tea time, so make the most of it! Depending on how you’re getting around, and your hunger levels, map out (and do prior research on opening times) a few places and snacks to hit and get munching. It will be your very own tea time food trail in KL.

Not sure which Malaysian tea time snack to try? Read Tea Time a la Malaysia.

Dress up for the orchestra

Image credit: Larisa Birta

Dress up and go to the orchestra! Our Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra is really quite good. Take a look at upcoming shows here. It doesn’t have to be the best seats in the house (unless that’s how you roll), but the whole experience of going together can be really memorable. If you like the opera, check out KL Opera House a homegrown company that organises opera productions throughout the year. Throw in a meal before or after the show and you’ve got yourself a fabulous date plan.

Read about KL Opera House here.

Bar hop

Image credit: Pahit

While this has the potential to end up messy and full of tears, when done right, it can be a carefree night out. It’s also a good opportunity to discover the city’s bar scene. Gin lovers will revel with the offerings of these gin bars in KL, while there are also plenty of places to visit for their ambience and bespoke cocktails.

Look for fireflies

Image credit: Majlis Daerah Kuala Selangor

Did you know we have a firefly attraction in Selangor, just under an hour’s drive from the city? In Kuala Selangor, there is a place called Kg. Kuantan that’s inhabited by these light-emitting insects that seem almost magical. Visitors will be charged RM50 per boat (maximum capacity of four adults), and will be brought on a relaxing boat ride to see the fireflies. The ride will take about 45 minutes. As silence should be observed for an optimum experience (especially if sharing the boat with other guests), it can be a pleasant evening of spending time together in quietude.

See some animal friends


For animal lovers (in both senses), going to see some furry and feathery friends can be very therapeutic. We recently visited Farm in the City for ourselves, and you can read about our experience here. You’ll also be able to learn more about your other half through their interaction with the animals. Bringing your pets out on a playdate works too!

Hit the spa

Image credit: Mandara Spa

For a guaranteed day of relaxation, book a couples spa session for the both of you to unwind together. Depending on the level of intimacy you’re comfortable with, there are options for sharing a hot tub at the end of the session too. Here’s a list of interesting spa experiences to try, if you need some inspiration.

Go home improvement shopping

Image credit: Design Ecologist

Who says dates are only for people who don’t live together yet, right? Taking the time to go home improvement shopping together can be nice. Remember to take both of your feelings into consideration and you should have a pretty decent day ahead. If home improvement involves fixing things around the house, working on a project together can be a good bonding session too. For those aboard the hygge train, here’s six tips to bring some hygge into your home.

Art jam

Image credit: Cafe Atas59

Bring out each other’s creativity and art jam! What is it and why should you try it? Art jamming is basically painting or creating something in the presence of another. It’s not necessary to work on the same project, but rather the experience of going through the creative process together is the goal. Wondering where you can do this? Check out these five places to art jam in KL.

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